Advantages of film coating
  • Enhance palatability by masking unpleasant tastes or objectionable odours
  • Ease ingestion/swallowing
  • Improve product appearance
  • Protect tablets from light, oxidation & moisture
  • Advance the perception of superior product efficacy
  • Our main product Cellulose Acetate Phthalate

    Also known as CAP or Cellacefate or Cellacephate or
    Cellulose Acetate 1,2 - Benzene Dicarboxylate.
    Chemical CA 9004-38-0

    Physical form : Powder/Flakes.

    Properties : CAP withstands itself in acidic media
    in stomach. But it readily dissolves in slight alkaline
    medium of small intestine.

    It is available in BP/USP/NF/EP and IP grades.

    Applications :
    1. Film coating of tablets
    2. Enteric coating of tablets
    3. Sustained release
    4. Delayed release
    5. Pallet coating material

    Our Drug license no. is 864 dt. 19/12/1983
    We export in Neutral code no. label MHDRUG/HQ/864/E

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